Focusing on the concept of urban expedition, the new KENZO x PALLADIUM shoe collection brings two iconic French brands in tandem to embark on a journey of modern exploration and discovery.

The collaboration teams up the fashion house, KENZO, with the longstanding shoemaker, PALLADIUM, on the relaunch of a vintage unisex shoe: the PALLADIUM Pallashock by KENZO. As a re-edition, the shoe honors the original collaborations of the two heritage brands under KENZO’s founder Kenzo Takada in the late 80s and early 90s.

KENZO x PALLADIUM 鞋款系列以城市探險為主題,將兩個法國代表性品牌聯結在一起,起程一段對現代時尚的探索和發現之旅。

這次合作源自法國時裝品牌—KENZO以及經典鞋履品牌—PALLADIUM,強強聯合重新重磅推出一款復古中性鞋: 即由Kenzo 設計的PALLADIUM Pallashock。作為升級版,這款鞋傳承以80年代末和90年代初KENZO創始人高田賢三(Kenzo Takada)領導下的品牌的原創風格。


Fusing their hefty 50 and 70-year respective histories to create the perfect seasonless item—a celebration of color, heritage and vitality—the PALLADIUM Pallashock by KENZO is a true archive shoe. Originally created by PALLADIUM in the early 50s as an outdoor boot, KENZO’s playful yet refined vision reimagines them as a hybrid style for intrepid urban expedition.

The PALLADIUM Pallashock by KENZO channels the headstrong spirit of today’s global explorers.

The collaboration feeds into the idea of the bold and the audacious; connected adventurers and new urban leaders. An opportunity to create the unexpected, harnessing an unleashed spirit who dares to explore.

Kenzo設計的Palladium Pallashock融合了兩個品牌各自50年和70年的悠久歷史,創造了完美的全季節的產品——給人呈現一場艷麗多彩、富有底蘊、靈活生動的視覺盛宴,這是一款真正的、里程碑似的鞋履產品。早在50年代初,KENZO就賦予了有趣而又精致的視覺效果給一款由PALLADIUM設計的戶外探險靴,使人們很容易將產品與勇敢的城市冒險者聯想在一起。

由Kenzo設計的Pallashock展示了當今全球探險家頑強的精神。兩個品牌的合作孕育出大膽的靈感:將冒險家和新一代城市領袖風格相結合, 用勇于探索的自由精神創造出讓人意想不到的世界!


The PALLADIUM Pallashock by KENZO comes in two styles and multiple colorways with vintage logos, each instilled with the French houses’ flair for intrepid fun. The result sees technical cuff boots and shoes in colorful yet practical nylon or quilted nylon with iconic vintage branding on the side, constructed on a low-tech retro hiking rubber shockwave outsole.




Shot by Dutch photography duo Meinke Klein, the KENZO x PALLADIUM Pallashock campaign focuses on the vertiginous perspective on an urban landscape, shot from the point of view from below the streets, as if through a looking glass towards the sky.


Kenzo X Palladium Pallashock 系列大片由荷蘭攝影團隊Meinke Klein創作而成。重點關注在從街道下面的角度仰拍整個城市景觀,采用令人眩暈、讓人震驚的視角,就像透過一個玻璃鏡望向天空的感覺。


With the modern explorer traversing global cities in mind, the campaign features an unexpected myriad of talents and free spirits. From circus performers, Charlotte and Ben, Chantel, a movement artist, to athlete Ocean and skater Connor, the diverse cast showcases an exciting race of adventurers.


如今,當代探險家的足跡遍布全球各大城市,這場聯乘系列旨在吸引各方人才頌揚自由精神。 從馬戲團藝術家Charlotte 和Ben,動作藝術家Chantel,到運動員Ocean 和滑冰運動員Connor,不同的職業陣容的人才都呈現出令激動人心的冒險者大片。


身著Kenzo x PALLADIUM Pallashock粉色低幫運動鞋

“Movement work is my craft and practice, it’s a non-verbal language to me. I love being in touch with my muscles, my joints—it grounds me, it soothes me. What makes me feel audacious in my practice is trusting what I make. That it deserves a voice, to be heard and to be seen. Trusting my earnestness, and its journey with me.”



身著Kenzo x PALLADIUM Pallashock黑色高幫運動鞋

“I’m just a human who is trying to experience all that life has in store for me, learning new skills and life lessons as part of the fun journey. I push myself by really questioning if what I do is my best work. I like projecting what I’m feeling in the moment into my work. Because I didn’t study art, I feel like I have way more freedom than most artists. I am naive and oblivious, and it allows me to create authentic art with no constraints.”



身著Kenzo x PALLADIUM Pallashock黑色低幫運動鞋

?“Knowing that I’m a physically strong woman really gives me a lot of power. I think the mental battle within yourself outweighs anything your physical body could ever achieve. I believe stepping out of your comfort zone is important for growth and pushing your boundaries. Let things feel uncomfortable and awkward until it feels natural. When you realize you’re only competing against yourself in everything you do, not just sport, that’s when you achieve freedom.”



身著Kenzo x PALLADIUM Pallashock紅色高幫運動鞋

?“Movement has always played a massive part in my life. It allows me to be free and get lost in the endless ways our bodies can flow. The most important thing, for myself at least, is to not lose my individual style and creativity. Ensuring I’m creating work for myself and staying true to myself when doing so. Every artist brings individuality to their work and that is something we need to own.”



穿著綠色Kenzo的低邦PALLADIUM Pallashock

“Being a circus performer is physically demanding and at times I find it incredibly difficult to carry on pushing myself to my limits day in, day out. It’s only when I get up on stage that I remember every time why I do what I do. Whenever I’m creating without boundaries I feel freedom—the feeling of being able to do whatever I want without someone telling me if I’m right or wrong.”


The collection will be available globally in KENZO stores,
Palladium stores, selected partners, and at kenzo.com
and palladiumboots.fr from October 30th, 2019.
Photos, pricing and text can be found at press.kenzo.com — pass: PALLADIUM
For more information on KENZO visit kenzo.com
產品細節圖片、價格及介紹請登陸press.kenzo.com, Pass:Palladium以便查看。



KENZO was founded in Paris in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. With its abundant prints, vibrant color combinations and cultural influences from all over the world, KENZO offers a luxuriant and versatile world where spontaneity and irreverence take control. Welcome to the urban jungle.

KENZO由日本設計師高田賢三1970年在巴黎創立。 KENZO受到來自世界各地的文化影響, 以其豐富的印花、鮮明的色彩組合打造出了一個奢華、多彩的世界,在這里,自發和不可敬的世界得到控制。歡迎來到城市叢林世界。



Founded in Lyon, France. For more than 70 years, the PALLADIUM brand has been making footprints in history as the trusted choice for all open-minded and audacious explorers. In 1947, the iconic pampa boots were created as the official footwear of the legendary French foreign legion by engineering sturdy canvas and durable rubber. We believe that life has much to offer those who dare to discover and break boundaries. PALLADIUM engineers adaptable, protective and agile equipment to give city explorers the freedom to embrace unexpected journeys every day. Our military heritage has deeply influenced our utility design spirit. PALLADIUM footgear and garment are developed with timeless and function-first styles crafted today to stay one step ahead of city life exploration.



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